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ST? 1954 Wilmot Hills

The photo is from Wilmot Hills in 1954 with Bud Seaverns at the wheel. For some time I thought this may have been ST*403*BC but John de Boer has supporting documentation of this being a different chassis number.

My initial reasoning:
ST*403*BC was bought by Herbert Whiting of the mid-west on 12/31/1953 without a grille. ST*403*BC was one of a few cars delivered without a Bertone badge on the side and there is no Bertone side badge visible in this photo. Bud raced this Siata 300BC other times in 1954 including a races with Larry Whiting driving a different car. I thought there may have been a connection since Herbert and Larry share a last name. I wanted to believe that this was part of some “lost” history of ST*403*BC but it now appears to be a coincidence. This is just another example of how confirmation bias and the Internet can make one jump to conclusions that are wrong.

Photo Courtesy Julian Silverberg.

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2 Responses to ST? 1954 Wilmot Hills

  1. James D. says:

    Great photo! I would be interested in finding out if there are other color photos from this race. Perhaps you could get in contact with me? I’m trying to research the Porsches that raced at Wilmot in 1953 and 1954.

  2. John de Boer says:

    Probably ST*410*BC

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