Siata Logo300bc.com was established to share information and pictures on Siata 300BCs and their drivers. We will be documenting the history and following the preservation/restoration of chassis ST*403*BC which was first raced by Henry Wessells III.

This site is intended to inform and educate. If there is content from this site that you would like to use, please contact us. Since it is our goal to increase the exposure of these cars, their history and their drivers, we generally welcome the sharing of our content so long as it is accompanied by the proper attributions. With that said, we do not own the rights to all of the content on this site and may need to forward your requests on to someone else.

We hope that you will enjoy this site and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. We are actively looking for content and encourage others to write articles and/or send in photographs for use on the site. You may reach us at mark(at)markbean(dot)com or 609-379-BEAN.

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  1. speedsteer says:

    I have found this website, because im gathering information to help the owner of a Siata 300BC that is completing a restoration of the ST437BC chassi.

    I would like to know if you can help me with detail photos of any part of 300BC cars that you have.

    The car is in Portugal, and as portuguese registry since it was solda in 1953 to an australian that lived in Portugal in the late 50´s.

    Thanks for your time.

    Best regards

    Cristiano Andrade


  2. I would like to purchase the web site name 300bc.com
    please advise.
    ps we chatted about a year ago

  3. Steve Jain says:


    Great site, I am in the hunt for something 50’s Italian…preferably aluminum body. Looking for something in project form, know of anything interesting?



  4. Alex says:

    Can you Five me Information about st414bc?
    The car is offered in Europe, comes with Fiat 1100 Engine and crosley spare Engine.
    The Dealer told me, the car was in the US before.

    Can you help me? Trank you!

  5. Mark says:


    I suspect that you’ve seen the photos of 414 on this site in the other 300BCs section. Yes the car was in New Jersey at one time. There have been some adjustments to it that were done years back. As you can see the wheel wells were widened. I know little more about the car than that.


  6. Michael Lowenstam says:

    Hi, I just purchased Siata 300BC #448. I would appreciate knowing of any place or person who parts or information to repond to me.
    Thank you

    • Michael Lowenstam says:

      I sold st#448 and it went to England. I Bought st#448 and am awaiting for it to be shipped to me.

  7. Michael Lowenstam says:

    I just looked and I entered some wrong information. I did sell #448 and it went to England and I bought #415 which I now have received. A wonderful car which is primitive compared today’s cars but is a thrill to drive.

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